Corkscrew Moretto: I do not say it is the best ... but it is the best!!

Moretto cavatappi idea

The idea...

Behind any creative idea there is always a careful study on reality that gathers and interprets the new orientation of taste, uses and beauty.
Emilio Moretto′s look into the exploration of the reality that surrounds us focused on the simple gesture of opening a bottle of wine, and it"s around this daily gesture, full of cultur, tradition and history, that the Moretto′s design tooks its shape.

Moretto Italia presentazione

...meets the tradition...

Moretto Corkscrew is the essential companion of the tradition of the typically Italian good drinking. Every convivial moment underlines that emotional expression that is the match point of culture, beauty, functionality and design.

Moretto cavatappi colori

...and create the design

The attention on precision and details finds a great expression in the production of every single Moretto Corkscrew. Planning creativity and love for tradition live together between manual deftness and technological inventiveness in close and honest relationship. They raise the value of the brand and the design′s contents. Everything to highlight an absolute "made in Italy".

Moretto′s brand products:

Moretto Corkscrew in Aluminum

The Moretto Corkscrew in aluminum is set by 3 assembled pieces, which form the central body with the engine part completely made in aluminum. The piercing tip is in aluminum covered with a chromium plating treatment suitable for food.
Total height, with the inserted cork: cm 16.4, diameter: cm 4.9.
Piercing tip: diameter cm 1.2 with piercing capacity cm 6.5.
The colors:
Moretto Corkscrew is available in five different colors: black, silver, copper, bronze and titanium.

Moretto cavatappi argento in alluminio

How to use – watch the "explanation of use" video on this page:
Remove the lower collar, whose function is to protect the "worm" (piercing tip).   Lean with the hand the corkscrew on the cork of the bottle trying to set the worm in the center.
Push a bit.   Then turn the superior collar clockwise until the complete extraction of the cork from the bottle.
To take off the cork from the corkscrew just turn the collar counterclockwise.
An importante feature of Moretto is that the operation of screwing and unscrewing for the extraction of the cork is helped because of the pillow block set inside the body in the superior part.

    Unit price for Moretto Corkscrew in aluminum: 82 - In stock    

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Moretto Corkscrew in Plastic

The Moretto Plastic Corkscrew is a cheaper version than the aluminum one, it differs from the previous one only for the engine part that it is; made in plastic rather than in aluminum.
The sizes are the same as the aluminum corkscrew.
The colors:
Moretto Corkscrew is available in different colors: black, silver gray, walnut, manganese, lead, carbon, gold yellow, lime, ocher, orange, avio, coral.

Moretto cavatappi plastica giallo

    Unit price for Moretto Corkscrew in plastic ABS: 45 - In stock    

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Cantinetta Moretto - Moretto Wine Cellar

The Moretto Wine Cellar is a refined design element where you can store your precious wine bottles. Each wine cellar can hold 8 bottles. The wine cellars are stackable, so in this way you will have a superior capacity.
Width: 55.5 cm, height: 12 cm; depth: 28 cm.
The Moretto Wine Cellaris available in silver color.

Cantinetta Moretto

    Unit price for Wine-Cellar Cantinetta Moretto: 275 - In stock    

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Moretto Sommelier Corkscrew

The Moretto Sommelier Corkscrew is available in wholly steel and in steel with wooden inserts. It has a stainless steel structure complete with cut capsules blade and full corkscrew for removing the cap from the bottle. Complete with its elegant packaging is the ideal object for a gift to a dear person who shares the passion of good drinking with you.
The models:
The Moretto Sommelier corkscrew is available in different models: one in whole steel, others in steel with wood inserts with different designs, to choose according to your liking.

Cavatappi Moretto Sommelier

    Unit price for Moretto Sommelier Corkscrew from: 13 - In stock    

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